There is an amazing film event taking place at John Jay at 5 p.m. Tonight, monday nov. 11.  

Read about it in the NYT, link is below.


FILM on love and gang war in Puerto Rico is coming do New York


The Department of Latin American and Latina/o Studies and the Ronald H. Brown Program at John Jay College would like to invite you to the “Por Amor en el Caserio” Film Screening on Monday, November 11, 2013 at the Gerald W. Lynch Theatre from 5:00 – 8:30pm. There will be a discussion with Antonio Morales, creator, and his cast of stars. This project and film screening is cosponsored by many governmental and non-governmental organizations including the HUD Puerto Rico Office and the Puerto Rico Housing Authority. There will be a wide array of federal as well as New York City and state officials in attendance. NYCHA and many members from the judiciary will also been invited. This project is part of a violence prevention and alternative sentencing project Professor Jodie Roure has been working on with HUD Puerto Rico and we wish to expand it to our area.

  Amor en el Caserio is a film about the struggles of a public housing community against drugs, guns and violence, written and produced by Antonio Morales and directed by Luis Enrique Rodriguez. “POR AMOR EN EL CASERÍO,” in English, “For Love in the Caserío (housing project),” is a film based on the life experiences of writer/co-executive producer Antonio Morales and what the youth of the housing project Luis Llorens Torres deal with on a daily basis, topped off by a good dose of comedy. The two main characters, Cristal and Angelo, meet and fall in love, yet their love is wrought with sacrifice since they each have family members that belong to the feuding gangs that keep the housing project in constant war” POR AMOR EN EL CASERÍO delivers a powerful message of hope.

The panel will be led by Mr. Antonio Morales, Playwright and Co- Executive Producer, Director, and several actors some whom are Puerto Rico public housing residents. There will be a HUD representative on the panel as well. Our President, Jeremy Travis, will provide opening remarks.

Antonio Morales, the playwright was born and reared in Puerto Rico’s largest public housing project in the Caribbean, Luis Lloréns Torres located in San Juan. At the age of 15, he founded the community’s theatre workshop and named it Viviendo el Arte (Living the Art). A couple of years later, in November 2001, he released his play entitled Por Amor en el Caserío, a play that would transform lives, communities, and the youth of Puerto Rico one step at a time. Twelve years and over 500 productions of the play have passed since the first opening night of the performance.
We hope you will join us and please invite your staff and constituents. We can make tickets available to you if you would kindly email the attendee names to<>.


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